Columbia Township

Police Department

Phone Number- (517) 592-3122

Chief of Police

Jay Niles


Tyler Tefft

Why should I call 911 instead of calling Columbia Township Police Department directly?

 All calls for service are dispatched through the 911 center, whether emergency or non-emergency. Our report numbers are generated through 911, as it is easier to track them. When the call is an emergency, the 911 dispatchers can quickly locate the closest patrol unit to where the emergency is, thereby saving precious time. If your need for a police officer is not an emergency, you can request a Columbia Township officer, and they will be the ones that handle your call. Administrative calls, or information on a previous complaint, may be called in directly to the police department.  

How are typical private-property accidents, (damage only, no injuries) handled?

 The completion of private-property (no injury) accident reports is for the convenience of your insurance company. All local departments in the county have been handling these complaints in the same way for a number of years. Forms are available at nearly any local police department, and those involved complete the informational sections of the form, which is then retained by the police agency having jurisdiction where the accident happened. A report number is assigned to it, and it is then available for your insurance company. 3. How do I take care of a ticket for a loud-exhaust? Fines for certain tickets, such as a broken headlight and loud exhaust, may be waived if the equipment is fixed within 10 business days. These tickets may be signed off by any officer, and the ticket must then be presented to the traffic court. 

How do I report a crime in my neighborhood?

If the crime is in-progress, call 911. If you believe there is ongoing criminal activity, that may not be occurring at specifically that moment, contact Columbia Township Police directly on their administrative line. There is also a “tip” sheet that can be accessed and printed from our website, which you can then mail in to the Columbia Township Police Department. There is also a Jackson County Tip Line, where you can also remain anonymous, if you choose. It is 787-0212. Calls and tips into this number can be directed to the appropriate agency, should your tip involve a crime either inside or outside Columbia Township.