Columbia Township

Columbia Township is pleased to announce the launch of a new billing and payment portal designed to provide you with security, added payment options, and an overall better customer experience.
You can still pay your sewer, tax, or other township bills at the counter, through the mail, or by phone.  E-check payments, formerly known as ACH payments, are still free and credit card payments incur a 3 % service fee for tax payments, and a $3.00 charge for all other payment types.

Autopay Signup

To Set up Auto Pay for your sewer bill, click the link below to search for your account.  On your Sewer Account page, click “Manage Advanced Payment Features” to register. 

Auto-Pay Sign Up

To securely process online payments, Columbia Township is partnered with BS&A Online and Point and Pay Inc. 

One time Payment

Please use the links below to make a one-time payment on your sewer or tax bill.

Sewer Payment

Tax Payment

Online Bill Payment Reminders

  • Remember to use the links above to make a payment either with your Credit/Debit card or with your bank account via echeck.
  • Credit/Debit card payments incur a 3% processing fee for tax payments and a $3.00 fee for all other billing types.  This is a fee imposed by our processor, not the Township.  American Express, Mastercard, Visa and Discover are all accepted.
  • Echeck payments are free.  You will need your bank routing number and account number to set up a payment.
  • You should always confirm your correct routing and account information with your financial institution before setting up you echeck payment, especially if you bank with a credit union. 
  • A $35 returned item fee will be assessed on any payment that is unable to be completed.