Fire Department, Frequently Asked Questions

Is burning restricted in Columbia Township?

Yes, burning is restricted by Columbia Township Ordinance #59

Is burning restricted in the Village of Brooklyn?

Yes, burning is restricted by Village of Brooklyn Ordinance #34

When can I burn?

 Columbia Township Ordinance #59 and Village of Brooklyn Ordinance #34 restricts burning to the hours of 7:00 am to 7:00 pm weather allowing. Contact the fire department for further details.

What type of materials can I burn?

Yard waste, brush, leaves and household paper waste. The burning of waste construction materials is prohibited. 

Do I need a burning permit to burn?

 Yes, anytime you wish to burn you must first contact the fire department and request a burning permit.

I live in the Village of Brooklyn, can I burn?

Burning in the Village of Brooklyn is restricted. No yard waste, leaves or brush may be burned in the Village. Only household paper waste is allowed to be burned in a metal burning barrel with a screen lid. Burning permits are required.

Will I receive a ticket if I burn without a permit?

 Yes, Columbia Township will issue a ticket if you burn without a permit.

Will I receive a bill for the services of the fire department?

 Columbia Township bills for fire department responses to motor vehicle accidents, uncontrolled outside burning, nuisance & malicious fire alarms and aircraft accidents. Columbia Township does not bill for structure fire or emergency medical service responses.

How much training does it take to become a firefighter?

 To become a firefighter for the Columbia Township Fire Department a candidate must successfully complete a 240 hour firefighter 1&2 course including a written & practical State of Michigan exam, 28 hour Hazardous Materials Awareness & Operations course, 32 hour Incident Command course, 60 hour Medical First Responder course including National Registry exam and a 60 hour on the job training program (OJT). Once certified in all of these areas, continuing education drills are held twice a month to maintain the firefighter’s proficiency.